The old power plant in Budapest

The magnificent, old power plant in Budapest with its oval control room, labyrinth of corridors and stairs, vast halls is a monument of an era. The unique control room with is opal glass ceiling, wrought iron corridors of stairs is typical of the art deco style.

The electric producing operation had started in 1914, however the ongoing constructions had been put on a halt soon because of the I. World War, the works were restarted again in the 1920s. The idea behind the logical structure of this all metal and glass building is to provide transparency to the worker, who has the right to oversee the production. The building is not only horizontally spacious, but vertically too, as it seems to be endless upwards due to the floors made of glass panels. The roof used to be a special glass, however it was covered with bitumen during the II. World War to prevent the enemy to peek into the operations of the building from airplanes. There is an elevator of glass walls and balconies added to the building with the only purpose to make it even more beautiful as it is.

The empty and shadowy halls, spooky, narrow corridors and now silent machines of this rare power plant attracted filmmakers for shooting noir and sci-fi films here, or sombre music videos. The special atmosphere of a now gone era of gigantic machines and factories with style is felt in every corner of this more than 100 years old monument.

The site can be visited only occasionally on guided tours of different agencies. When planning to visit Budapest, do not forget to check if there is going to be a guided tour in this industrial gem of art deco and make sure to reserve a place for yourself!

address: Budapest, 1117, Hengermalom Ășt 60, Hungary

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